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01/15 & 01/16/2014– Cates Sheet Metal– Cates employee’s only
01/21,01/28,02/01,02/12,03/01,03/26,& 05/03/2014– Kansas City, Mo-Kan Location
04/30/2014 – Apprentice Hall– Kansas City
02/05/2014– Fagan, employee’s only.
02/26/2014– Barnes & Dodge– employee’s only
03/04/2014 & 03/05/2014– St. Joe Training Center
03/06/2014– A. Zahner– employee’s only
03/11&03/12– Wichita
03/27/2014– A2MG– employee’s only.
04/03,04/04/& 04/05/2014– Jefferson City
04/16/2014– Topeka
04/22 & 04/23/2014– Omaha
05/07/2014– Springfield

Effective June 1, 2013, Mo-Kan Sheet Metal Workers Welfare Fund will offer 100% coverage of breast-pumps for those Moms who have chosen to breast-feed their new baby.  Please review the following guidelines regarding this new benefit as well as a list of in-network DME providers in your area.

The types and brands of covered breast pumps vary.
The Fund will fully cover manual (E0602) or electric (E0603) breast pumps (not rentals), either single or double pumps, which meets the medical needs for you and your baby. Your DME provider will have certain types and brands available. You are limited to one breast pump per pregnancy.

Some breast-feeding equipment is not covered with this benefit.
Items such as nursing pads, replacement parts and/or accessories for the pump (such as: tubing, adapter, shield protectors, bottles, bottle caps, milk bags, locking ring, etc.) are not covered. Hospital grade (E0604) breast pumps and rentals are also not covered.

Please click here for a listing of in-network DME providers in your area.

The Working Spouse Incentive Program at Mo-Kan Sheet Metal Workers Welfare Fund was implemented in January 2011 and has saved the Fund and its members a considerable amount of money over the two years it has been offered as a benefit.  If you are an actively working sheet metal worker and a member of Mo-Kan Sheet Metal Workers Welfare Fund and your spouse has or has access to a qualified medical health insurance plan through his/her employer, you can benefit from this program.  The cost savings is proven in two ways: those actively working member spouses who participate are getting 100% of their primary medical health insurance premium reimbursed up to $200.00 a month, and because these spouses have another insurance company paying primary on their medical health expenses, the Fund is saving money as well.   To learn more about this program and the details of eligibility, please contact the Mo-Kan Fund office at 816-531-0334. 

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