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Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer!

July has arrived, and it’s time to start enjoying the summer! The summer is a great time to get out of the house and enjoy some fun family activities.

Drink water!
It's very easy to become dehydrated in hot weather, and children are very susceptible to water loss. Although they may ask for soda or juice, make sure they (and you) are mostly drinking water. Sugary drinks, whether natural or artificial, are simply not as effective at hydration.

Warning signs of dehydration include:
· Feeling dizzy
· Having a dry or sticky mouth
· Producing less or darker urine

If you notice any of these signs in yourself or in your children, get somewhere cool as quickly as possible and drink cool water.

Food Safety:
Wash your hands and use clean containers and utensils, Keep mayonnaise-based foods cold. Keep COLD food COLD.

Avoid Swimmer's Ear:
Frequent immersion of the head in water, whether at the pool or at the beach, can cause the outer ear canal to become painful and inflamed. Although it is more common in children, adults can and do get "Swimmer's Ear." Reduce your risk by following these steps:
· Dry your ears after swimming.
· Do not stick things like Q-Tips (or other objects) into your ear canals.
· Stay away from water that had been previously closed due to pollution.

Apply Sunscreen Frequently;
· You need to reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes to 2 hours
· Make sure your sunscreen is "broad-spectrum" and protects against both UVB and UVA rays.
· Choose an SPF of at least 30. Doctors say that anything over SPF 50 doesn't really mean anything.
· New guidelines will no longer allow sunscreens to claim they are "water proof" or "sweat proof." They can claim they are "water-resistant" but even so, doctors and scientists say, you still need to apply every 90 minutes to 2 hrs.

The Mo-Kan Sheet Metal Workers Welfare Fund Staff wish you and your family a Safe and Fun Summer!

Ann, Carol. Christie, Jeanne, Kathy, Sherri & Vivian

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